Tom Bartel

Tom Bartel In this space, I write mainly about software management. I currently live in M├Ânchengladbach and work with trivago in D├╝sseldorf, where I hold an engineering management position on Hotel Search, trivago's core product.

This is my first blog. I have always liked writing, but never pursued it seriously. Now that I have started doing it regularly, I would not want to give it up, so I encourage everybody to consider doing it, too. Part of this is the "Time investment" section I provide at the end of some of my blog posts. I want to share how much work I put into what I write, so that you can assess what kind of commitment it is. Note that I am a rather slow writer, so it might be less of a commitment to you. Of course, I consider myself thorough, not slow. My wife would disagree ;-)

I'm not sure why I look so serious on the picture, it's what I do.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.